Emerging Futures : Societal Innovation meets Futures Studies

Publié le 12 décembre 2023

Embark on an exploratory journey with the University Paris-Est Créteil AURORA groundbreaking summer course

Summer School Aurora
Summer School Aurora

du 17 juin 2024 au 28 juin 2024

Meticulously tailored for bachelor students aspiring to make a tangible impact on the world, this two-week intensive program, hosted by AEI International School - UPEC, starting on June 17, 2024, provides a unique opportunity to earn 6 ECTS credits while immersing yourself in the dynamic realms of Societal Innovation and Futures Studies.

Week one, driven by Professor Felipe Koch, promises an exploration of the immersive world of Futures Literacy. Brace yourself for hands-on engagement in a Futures Literacy Lab, mastery of facilitation techniques, and a deep dive into Social Foresight and the Foundations of Futures Studies—equipping you with tools to not only envision but also lead transformative change.

The second week unfolds a rich variety of expertise, featuring renowned lecturers such as Philippe Frouté on Data Analysis and Forecasting, Fabio Scarano on Regenerative Futures, and Rocco Scolozzi on System Thinking. Each module is meticulously designed to challenge your perspectives, empowering you to forecast and shape the future landscape of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Furthermore, this course seamlessly aligns with the Aurora competence framework and integrates Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing you with a powerful lens to address global challenges encompassing poverty, hunger, health, education, and beyond. It transcends the boundaries of conventional learning; it's about acquiring the skills to initiate tangible, real-world change.

Our classes, conducted in English at AEI International School, ensure a truly global perspective. As a participant, you'll engage in hands-on, practical learning within a physical setting, fostering a profound understanding and facilitating valuable network building.

Seize the initiative and mark your calendar for the application start date on December 18, 2023. Act promptly to meet the deadline on March 1, 2024, ensuring your secured spot in this transformative program.

For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to Felipe Koch at AEIsummerschool@u-pec.fr. Remember, this enriching course is not merely a learning experience; it's your stepping stone to becoming an agent of change and a leader of tomorrow. Join us for a summer of transformation where you won't just learn about the future - you'll be prepared to actively shape it.

Learning objectives

  • Futures Literacy and Social Foresight
  • Being able to understand the process of Anticipation.
  • Distinguish between concrete and abstract futures.
  • Distinguish between Forecast, Foresight and Anticipation
  • Distinguish between Simple, Complicated and Complex systems.
  • Apply system thinking when doing strategic planning.


  1. Group facilitation of a Futures Literacy for Novelty lab – end of first week.
  2. Examination on Data Analysis and Forecasting – second week.

Description of the exam procedure

The first exam will consist in hosting a 1h30 Futures Literacy lab. It accounts for 14 points out of 20.
The second exam will consist of an activity (test, pitch or group exercise) regarding Forecasting and/or Data Analysis.

Course content, structure, and pedagogical approach

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Social Innovation meets futures studies



How to Apply

Selection procedure:

Send an email to AEIsummerschool@u-pec.fr with:
  • Your CV
  • A cover letter
  • Your last transcript of records
  • A recommandation/Approval letter from the Head of the Aurora unit in your institution

You will receive the results of your application in the first week of March with the instruction to enrol online.